Mr. Keanu Barrett, M.Ed.

Founder & CEO

Meet Mr. Keanu Barrett: a renowned award-winning consultant in both the business and nonprofit sectors. As the visionary founder of Higher Purpose Learning LLC, he has spearheaded the company's evolution into Virginia's premier provider of impactful tutoring services.

In addition to his remarkable business achievements, Mr. Barrett has an impressive track record in the nonprofit arena. He previously held the role of President for the esteemed My Grandmother's Keeper, an organization recognized nationwide for its philanthropic efforts benefiting the elderly community and supported by grants.

Beyond these accomplishments, Mr. Barrett's commitment to empowerment extends to his role as a business mentor, where he actively engages with various networking circles. His overarching mission is clear: "Empowering Young and Seasoned Minds to Unleash Their Higher Purpose through Business and Nonprofit Ventures." Join him in this transformative journey.

My higher purpose is to uplift my fellow human beings as they chase their dreams.

"All learning has purpose. Now it's time to reach higher with our help." — Mr. Keaun Barrett

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