Jamal Wallace

Lead Intern

I am Jamal Wallace, a Political Science major from Virginia State University. My passion lies at the crossroads of artificial intelligence, automation, and its effect on the human race. Through my tenure at Virginia State University, I noticed that to advance these complex ideas forward, I had to master the skills of public speaking and debate. This realization led me to join, and ultimately, captained the debate team where I honed my skills in complex discourse and argumentation. My tenure as captain of the debate team has opened doors I could have only dreamt of before. I achieved the feat of reaching the Quarter-Finalist in The National HBCU Speech and Debate Competition and Top 10 Speakers of 2023.

My higher purpose is to create institutional change regarding AI and Automation through Political Consulting.

"All learning has purpose. Now it's time to reach higher with our help." — Mr. Keaun Barrett

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